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Content The content of the 'Digitaleconomist.org' website is based on 10 years of teaching principles of economics, intermediate macroeconomics, intermediate microeconomics and managerial economics. The content author taught the majority of courses at the University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Colorado at Denver, the Economics Institute in Boulder Colorado and Metropolitan State College in Denver. A few courses were taught in Jakarta Indonesia and Beijing China.

History This site originated under the 'www.digitaleconomist.com' domain in the year 2000 and was revised under 'www.digitaleconomist.org' in 2008 to avoid any ties to a commercial website.

AudienceThe intended audience of this content are students, who have taken a few economics courses, transitioning from undergraduate studies to a graduate program in economics or business administration. Much of the content, however, is accessible to students just beginning their study of economics.

From time-to-time, pages will be updated where errors occur or edit mistakes exist and new pages, practice modules and assessment modules will be added.

PrivacyThis website does not track student access or identity -- there is no registration or login. No data is recorded about student use of the site and cookies are not used. Thus any results from 'practice' or 'assessment modules are not preserved by the website. No record of student activity is preserved or available.

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